Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breakfast in the Amana Colonies

Knowing your neighbors is one of the great things about living in a small town. Being able to wave to them on your walk, say hi at the post office or here in Amana, sit down to breakfast with them. Last Friday I invited myself to eat breakfast at a local restaurant with these four local guys, who meet there every Friday morning.

The Amana Colonies is known for its great food. If you haven’t had breakfast here you are missing out. Plate sized pancakes are served with hash browns, ham or sausage or bacon, fried eggs, fruit, and English muffins with fresh jam. A huge breakfast to start your day out right! Now whether you choose this large breakfast or just a doughnut and coffee at the local gas station, where ever you go you will usually find a group of local guys (just like my four pals here) sitting around, chatting and enjoying their breakfast also.

This past Friday I listened as these guys talked about old school days, local gossip, and the Amana Society Bulletin (a local weekly, where you can find all the news you want to know about the Colonies), along with giving each other a hard time. They sure are a fun bunch of guys! George was on the original Amana Refrigeration factory crew. Bruce is the Amana Society insurance guy. Bill is the town tin smith and was a long time sheet metal worker at Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids. Norman is a woodworker who owns a furniture shop in South Amana. They all grew up in the Amana Colonies and have tales to tell. Being able to hang out with them is just another fun thing about living here in the Amana Colonies.

Eating giant pancakes in My Town: Amana Colonies


  1. Gossip? We don't gossip in the Colonies.

  2. What a nice story about friendships in the Amanas.

  3. I have had the honor to have breakfast with these fine gentlemen a few years ago. It's a very special thing indeed! I look forward to having another chance in the future.