Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot off the Press a New Amana Novel

Have you seen the new novels that have been written about Amana? Well if you haven’t you are a little behind because this month the third book in Judith Miller’s Daughters of Amana series is coming out. A Bond Never Broken is set in South Amana during the First World War.  For Ilsa Redlich, who helps her family run the South Amana hotel, the world as she knows it turns upside down with the coming of the war. This is a tale of intrigue, friendship and faith.
Judith Miller is a prolific writer of Christian historic fiction, mostly writing for Bethany House. Many of her novels have appeared on the CBA best seller list. Recently I interviewed Judith Miller about her choice of setting her new series in the Amana Colonies and what she loves about the Amana Colonies.

Why did you choose to write about Amana?
I am really drawn to setting. I liked the idea of community, and Amana being its own world that has its own history. I was really fascinated by the communal history. I also like that the community is so open, and is willing to share its history.

How did you learn about Amana?
I have a friend that is a quilter who comes to Amana for the quilt shops. She asked me if I had ever been and when I said that I hadn’t, but always wanted to, she suggested that I visit. That I might find stories there.

What do you like best about visiting modern Amana?
The bakery! We visit both of the bakeries when we are there. We also like visiting for the festivals. I really enjoyed the history play at the Amana Heritage Museum when we visited for Prelude to Christmas. We always take home rhubarb wine. I have taken many bottles of Amana rhubarb wine to author functions.

Thanks for talking with me today Judith! Do we have any more Amana books to look forward to?
I hope to write three more books about Amana. I want to write about all seven villages, but they (Bethany House) like to publish the books in threes so, two villages will be put together in one book. I might even do a prequel.

In honor of Judith’s new release I am giving away one copy of A Bond Never Broken. All you have to do is comment on this post. Make sure that you have a link to your contact information or leave your email. The give away ends on Friday February 18 2011 at Central time. Good luck! (This give away is in no way connected with Judith Miller or Bethany House. It’s from me to you.)

Reading about My Town: Amana Colonies
This giveaway has ended. Thank you to all that entered. Our winner is...Betty! Congratulations!


  1. I have read the first two books by Judith Miller on the Daughters of Amana. I did like the first one better, but am anxious to read this next one. Put my name in the drawing. Susan Kippenhan Sevig

  2. These books have been informative and entertaining and I am looking forward to reading this third book. After I finished reading them, I passed them on to my husband and then my mother. If I were to win the drawing for the free book, please inform me at

  3. This is very exciting! What age range is the novel geared towards? I would love to read a copy with Jordan if it is appropriate for 10 yr olds! If not, then I will read now and hold onto for her when she is older. Thanks for the contest, I have my fingers crossed to win!

    My email for contest notification would be: jpuegner(AT)

  4. I really enjoy "Somewhere To Belong". Her details might see trivial to others but she really has a gift for weaving them all together.

  5. Brandi,
    I haven't had time to read any of the books at this time but plan to in the near future. thanks for doing the blog. It is well done and I hope visitors to the Amanas are finding it.
    David Rettig

  6. I can't wait for this book to come out. Thanks so much for this giveaway!!! :)

    grig at gmx dot com

  7. I have just discovered this series and could hardly put the book down !!! Fell asleep reading, then reach up to turn out light,wake up,not going back to sleep,turn on light and read some more !!!!!Love the concept of the lifestyle.Sincerely,Betty Rapien:

  8. Thank you everyone for your great comments and entering my give away.@Jourdan this books would be apropriate for teens and older.